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Cybersecurity Strategic Plan

The Health Industry Cybersecurity Strategic Plan (HIC-SP) is a call to action for organizations throughout the healthcare ecosystem to implement foundational cybersecurity programs that address the operational, technological, and governance challenges posed by significant healthcare industry trends over the next five years.
Health Industry Cybersecurity Strategic Plan 2024-2029

Healthcare Cybersecurity is in Critical Condition

  • HIPAA data breaches in 2023 nearly doubled to 725 since 2018.
  • Ransomware Hit 141 Hospitals in 2023 – the average ransom was $1.5M per institution.

The Impacts

  • Patient care, delayed or disrupted, resulting in patient harm.

  • Corrupted or lost imaging and other diagnostic and therapeutic devices.

  • Loss of patient medical records.
  • Payment systems disabled.
  • Loss & corruption of clinical trial & research data.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing operations.