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The Future of Secure Healthcare Systems Podcast

July 2022
The intersection between cybersecurity and healthcare can sometimes be a complicated gray area for people that don’t know much about this topic. In this episode, we talk with Erik Decker, the Chief Information Security Officer at Intermountain Healthcare, a mastermind leader in cybersecurity in the healthcare field. When it comes to the healthcare sector, Erik reflects on how technology has to keep up with the pace we are now running in, addressing threats around cybersecurity and the relationship between AI and machine learning in this topic.

The future of cybersecurity lies in how fast technology can change, the developer’s skill set, and the analytics-driven skills they need. Erik also shares his thoughts on cyber-security and its importance for systems to be resilient to attacks. If they get shut down, the consequences directly impact patients.

We met Erik during ViVE, and interviewed him about this topic that concerns us all; tune in and enjoy: